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Notwithstanding this assention, there are sure terms of administration (TOS) particular to the administrations rendered/items gave by HAPPY HOURS TRAVELS like the air tickets, MICE, transport, rail, occasion bundles, and so forth. Such TOS will be given/refreshed by HAPPY HOURS TRAVELS which might be esteemed to be a piece of this Agreement and in case of contention between such TOS and this assention, the terms of this understanding should win. The client might be required to peruse and acknowledge the important TOS for the administration/item benefited by the client.

Also, the Service Provider itself may give terms and rules that represent specific highlights, offers or the working guidelines and approaches material to each Service (for instance , flights, inn reservation, Packages , and so forth). The User should be in charge of guaranteeing consistence with the terms and rules or working tenets and strategies of the administrations furnished with whom User chooses to bargain, including terms and conditions put forward in a Service Providers’ toll rules, contract of carriage or different guidelines.

HAPPY HOURS TRAVELS’s Services are offered to the User Conditional on acknowledgment without change of the considerable number of terms, conditions and notification contained in the understanding and the TOS, as might be pertinent every once in a while. For the expulsion of questions, it is elucidated that benefiting of the administrations by the User constitutes an affirmation and acknowledgment by the User of the Agreement and the TOS. In the event that the User does not concur with any piece of such terms, conditions and notification, the User must not benefit HAPPY HOURS TRAVELS’s Services.

If any of the terms, conditions and notification contained thus strife with the Additional Terms and rules contained inside some other HAPPY HOURS TRAVELS Document, at that point these terms should be material.


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You may just utilize this site to reserve true blue spot or buys and should not utilize this site for some other purposes, including without restriction, to make any theoretical, false or deceitful reservation or any reservation in suspicion of interest. You should not reserve spot for the sake of imaginary person(s). You concur that you won’t utilize any gadget, programming or schedule that would meddle or be sensibly anticipated that would meddle with the ordinary working of this site. You concur that you should not make any move that forces a weight or load on our foundation that HAPPY HOURS TRAVELS regards in its sole circumspection to be absurd or unbalanced to the advantages HAPPY HOURS TRAVELS gets from your utilization of the site. You are denied from posting or transmitting any unlawful, debilitating, derogatory, defamatory, foul, revolting, provocative, explicit or debase material or any material that could constitute or empower acts or oversights that would add up to a criminal offense or endeavor to carry out a criminal offense, or offer ascent to common obligation, or generally disregard any law. Moreover, you are restricted from posting or transmitting any data which (an) encroaches the privileges of others or disregards their security or exposure rights, (b) is ensured by patent, copyright, trademark or other exclusive right, unless with the express composed authorization of the proprietor of such right, (c) contains an infection, bug, worm or other destructive thing or program that may harm, inconveniently meddle with, surreptitiously block as well as dispossess any framework, information or critical data, (d) make any risk for us or make us lose (completely or somewhat) the administrations of our ISPs or different providers, or (e) is utilized to unlawfully connive against someone else in limitation of exchange or rivalry. You might be exclusively subject for any harms coming about because of any encroachment of copyright, trademark, or other restrictive right, or some other mischief coming about because of your utilization of this site.


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It would be ideal if you take note of that if there should be an occurrence of extraordinary offers, advancements or plans extra terms and states of these offers, advancements, plans or challenges will be pertinent notwithstanding these terms and conditions. You may need to cling to the installment plan recommended under such offers, advancements, plans or challenges with a specific end goal to be qualified to profit benefits under such offers, advancements, plans or challenges. In the event that you neglect to make the installment by the due date as well as don’t conform to every one of the terms and states of the offer, advancement, plan or challenge you would not be qualified for get the advantage under such offer, advancement, plan or challenge. The Promotions/Offers/Schemes/Contests can likewise be reduced whenever without giving a particular notice


According to the present rules of RBI, all inhabitants holding Indian Passport are qualified for profit a sum not surpassing US$ 2, 50, 000 or its proportional in one money related year for at least one private/recreation visits under the Basic Travel Quota (BTQ). Notwithstanding, the explorer can’t profit in abundance of US $ 3,000 for each visit or its comparable in real money, with the exception of as indicated in the special cases gave by the RBI rules. It is compulsory for you to profit the outside trade segment of the visit cost from under your BTQ qualification from an approved merchant authorized to give such administrations according to the rules issued by RBI every now and then. You should pay the remote trade segment of the aggregate visit cost at the common rate to the merchant alongside marked BTQ shape and A2 frame. You can draw outside trade for your own utilization on visit from the same approved merchant from your adjust BTQ privilege. This is according to GOI rules and controls. You may convey this mostly in money, halfway in voyager checks (TC) which are more secure and effortlessly encashed for a little administration charge. They can likewise be supplanted in the event that they are stolen or lost, on the off chance that you record TC numbers and hold counterfoil subject to the principles material.


1) The Forex(‘FX’) installment is a piece of BTQ of the traveler.

2) The close family/kinfolk, e.g. father can pay for the youngsters; mother can pay for the kids stands great. Be that as it may, the individual paying/cardholder ought to likewise be among the voyagers.

3) If spouse, wife and two youngsters are voyaging together as a family, husband’s card is adequate.

4) The cardholder can’t utilize his/her card for installment of someone else’s visit bundle.

5) The card that is swiped for installment of the visit’s outside trade ought to be of the cardholder himself/herself.

6) For bundles with FX (Foreign Exchange) segment just, beginning store sum gathered in INR for booking, might be balanced towards the adjust FX segment at the season of last FX installment.

7) The ROE (Rate of Exchange) for the whole FX segment of the visit might be considered according to the overall ROE on the day last installment is being made.